Bodybuilding is a unique sport with some of the biggest athletes in the world, these monsters can hit the stage at 250 pounds plus with a body fat percentage of 8 percent or less. Some people look at these athletes as freaks of nature, taking the human body to the max.

These athletes use crazy diets and high powered nutritional supplements to deliver crazy freaky amounts of muscle. You can find similar supplement information here.

Each year these bodybuilding athletes work hard to try their chance at getting into the largest show in the world for these athletes. The show is held in Vegas in the early fall called the Olympia. This show is like the Super Bowl for a bodybuilder and figure competitors from all over the world. Only the top athletes are allowed to compete in this event.

Phil Heath has dominated this show for over 7 years now, following in the foot steps of Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates and Arnold Schwarzenegger.